Together from 1999-2011, Cosmologic was a collectively-run ensemble comprised of saxophonist Jason Robinson, trombonist Michael Dessen, bassist Scott Walton, and percussionist Nathan Hubbard. In our 12 years as a group, we released four albums and performed throughout the United States and in Canada, Mexico, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Our music has been enthusiastically received by critics, by our musician peers, and by countless people who came up to thank us after concerts explaining that they loved the music despite the fact that they "don't even like jazz." Usually, what these listeners and the experts alike praised in our music was a variation on the same theme: They spoke in glowing terms about our collective energy on stage, and how we grounded complex and unpredictable compositions with a "near-spiritual communication," as one critic put it.

We'd like to give a special thanks to our many fans, friends, and supporters--your energy was an important driving force in our group. As they say, however, the music never stops. Each of us are busily involved in various musical projects and we encourage you to join us in these other contexts. The creativity that we catalyzed in Cosmologic continues to be an inspiration for us regardless of context.

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